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 Hells Bells Guild Rules & Info

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We are currently looking for new members to our guild. Our main goals are having fun, making groups, raids, build our own Guild City, PvP and Sieges. If someone needs a helping hand with some hard or group quest don't be shy to ask, we will always gladly help you!

Hells Bells is a international semi-hardcore guild and we have players from all over Europe. If you are a casual player you are more than welcome. Although we have a stable mass of players that are playing active and every day. HB guild is located at Crom (PvE) EU server.

We are looking for more people interested in active end-game Raiding. We are raiding 4 times a week +1,2 extra days (if needed or/and group 2). Raid progress: all T1 bosses, T2-BRC Wing 1, Wing 2 & Wing 3.

Guild Leader:

- Fogor

Our officers are:

- Jean
- Franka
- Stage
- Chaoskult
- Revenantzyw
- Skeff
- Almutahir
- Nyana: Raid Leader
- Hephestos: Raid Leader
- Firefish: PvP Leader
- Mhiina: Recruiting Officer

We also have a Ventrilo Server that we are using for better and fast communications in game while we are in parties at instances or helping our members with their group quests and in raiding too.

The guild have a Full Tier 1 Guild City with all the walls, towers and gates built and we are having at the moment ALL Tier 2 Buildings.

We have: 9/10 T3 city

1 Keep T3
2 Trade Post T3
3 Temple T3
4 Library T3
5 Baracks T3
6 Thieve's Guild T3
7 Weaponsmith T3
8 Armorsmith T3
9 Alchemist lab T3

If you want to be a part of our guild read our Guild Rules:

Hells Bells Guild Rules

1. General Conduct

- All guild members (GM/Officers) are expected to know and abide by guild rules.
Reason: Each member's conduct reflects not only their character but the character of the guild to the rest of the server.

- Be respectful of your guildmates! Any harsh words or questionable actions will have serious consequences. Additionally any player who is seen as a "troublemaker" will be disciplined or even banned if necessary...
Remember: We are all here to have fun and enjoy the game.

- Reporting if you are having a problem with another member of the guild, tell one of the officers and take a screenshot of the conversation or harassment. If you don't have some sort of proof, no action can be taken.

- Player conflicts should be solved by players outside of guild chat unless there is a darn good reason an issue should involve the entire guild.
Reason: Personality clashes are inevitable in a MMORPG. AoC is a social game so conflicts will arise. Escalating an issue and involving others can turn a simple disagreement into a feud between many players. That is a no-win situation for all parties involved.

- Do not beg and do not encourage begging. Do not ask people for gold, items etc. etc. either inside or outside the guild. Do not encourage begging by caving under pressure to do so. Breaking this rule more then once will get you kicked from the guild.
Reason: Giving players gold does them no favors. It does not teach them how to play the game. All it does is teach them to depend on other people for what they should be doing for themselves.

- Trading among guild members should be free unless two trading parties have agreed to make alternate arrangements due to the unique nature of the item(s) being traded. If you want someone to make you an item, make sure you include the materials they need and be respectful of their time.
Reason: The guild is there for members to make the game easier for one another not to make gold off one another.

2. Recruitment

- Contact our GM Fogor or/and our officers. Read and understand all of the rules. You may be asked a few friendly questions before recruitment.

- All levels, classes and nationalities are accepted. You must be able to understand and make yourself understood in English. Please check the guild tab upon entering the guild, for current messages. If you disregard the rules, you may be warned or kicked from the guild.

- We will have 1 week trial period for every new member that joins us. And if he for some reason(s) did not have fun with us he is free to leave.

- If you leave the guild or are kicked out you make ask to rejoin however the officers must have a unanimous agreement as to let that player rejoin. There will be no exceptions.

- If you are inactive for longer than 60 days without notice you will be removed from the guild.

3. Participation

- Aiding others If someone asks for help, please see if you can help them out in some way. If you can't, at least let them know that you can't.

- Nor are you ever required to group or go on raids if you do not wish to do so for whatever reason.

- If you cannot find a party to do an instance with you in the guild, feel free to try the looking for group or the general chat.
Reason: Sometimes members are all busy doing something else. We all pay money to get something out of this game, sometimes people need the time away from instances to get their gear in order, do their crafting or relax from doing instances.

- If you're member of HB we would like you to play with us so we can have one big and strong team and for that reason we don't encourage Double guilding.
Regarding Double Guilding: Belonging to multiple guilds simultaneously or in the FPS world, "smurfing". Double guilding is belonging to 2 or more guilds simultaneously, with any character or alt.
Reason: Among many reasons why double guilding is not encouraged, there is the obvious reason of security. There is a potential for leaking guild secrets, such as harvesting zones, prime loot zones, transferring of funds and/or loot to your alts etc. Guild/clan loyalty is necessary to have a fun, enjoyable, strong community for all of our members, especially in the case of games involving competition.

- Register on the forum. This is our main communication tool to assure everyone gets the same message. Our forum address is: http://hellsbells.friendhood.net

4. Guild Bank

- As we are trying to build the guild city, we will always be happy to receive donations of the appropriate resources - in stacks of 100 if possible (send to Chaoskult) - and of gold (send to Fogor), but this is not mandatory. These all go towards building the guild city, which benefits us all.

- If you wish to share the love, you can always ask in guild chat if anybody wants your latest drop. Otherwise, if it's a blue drop of lvl 60+ or a purple drop, and you're in a giving mood, you can send it to Bell (Snake) who manages the guild bank. If there's an item you want from the Guild Bank contact Bell, Snake or GM Fogor and ask nicely.

- We have a range of suggested contributions/donations upon reaching certain levels, which can be seen here http://hellsbells.friendhood.net/cla...easury-t55.htm

- For loans contact Fogor or Snake but you may ask no more then 1G (for mount).

5. Events

- When you sign on for an event, make sure ahead of time that you will be there, and that you do not have to leave early. Give word ahead of time to the event leader if something comes up to prevent your participation. Do not leave your event group short a person - if you make a commitment, we expect you to honor it.

- Read our Raid rules, and sign in that you have read and understand them.

- Listen to you group/raid leader. If you do not obey Raid Leader(s) orders and cause a wipe there is a very big chance to be dismissed from the Raid!

- Do not roll need or greed in party if the item that drops is not for you. If you can't use it always pass!

- At Raid you must PASS on every single loot and after all players passed raid leaders/GMs will decide who will pick up and which item(s) from the loot.

6. Sieges

Ventrilo is required and a MUST for coordination. Destroy the filthy buggers who dare oppose our exalted guild or burn down the enemies BK!!!

7. Short list of DO NOT's:

Buying gold for real money
Using power leveling services
Damaging the name Hells Bells in any way
Knowingly using exploits
Ninja looting with PUGs/guildruns, whatever your reason may be
Harassment of any kind
Repeatedly ignoring instructions from the Raid Leader(s) or GM(s)
Repeatedly nagging for help in Guild Chat, no reply means no time
Letting a friend/nephew/whatever raid/interact with the guild on your char and not telling us


HB Members

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Hells Bells Guild Rules & Info
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