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 Seraphita's and Leenalee's Recipes

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PostSubject: Seraphita's and Leenalee's Recipes   Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:26 pm

Here are the recipes that I have gathered for now

Ashen Walking Stick (Staff - Lv. 40)

Gleaming Shillelagh (Staff - Lv. 70)

Juggernaut Chestguard (Heavy Armor - Lv. 74)

Lungestrike (Polearm - Lv. 70)

Obliterator Belt (Medium Armor - Lv. 80)

Phantom's Edge (One Handed Edged - Lv. 70)

The Barrier (Shield - Lv. 70)

Feel free to ask!



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Seraphita's and Leenalee's Recipes
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