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PostSubject: FADING RES SCREEN FIX   FADING RES SCREEN FIX EmptySun Aug 10, 2008 1:50 am

Everyone who joins raids should do this. It will get rid of that annoying fading res screen that takes so long. I didnt come up with this. This is from other forums and I dont want to take credit for it.

Hey all,

I got more time than brains and located this tidbit on the net, sounds like it might be a work around for the death gray screen. The following was stolen from a site I would like to give credit to, however I forgot where it came from.

You know, when you die, and ressurect on the ressurection point, then your screen fade in, and sometimes there are someone there fighting you even before the fade is done.

You can run around when the fade is going on, but you barely see !@#$%^&*.

I found an solution for this, read carefully.

If you are using WindowsXP: Goto: Documents and Settings\YOUR-USER\Local Settings\Programdata\Funcom\Conan\Prefs\Your USERNAME\Prefs_2.xml

If you are using Vista: Goto: YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan\Prefs\YOUR USERNAME\Prefs_2.xml

REMEMBER: You have to turn on "show hidden folders" under Tools-> Map Properties... -> Show -> Cross this to view hidden folders and files.

Now, when you have found the file I told you about. Prefs_2.xml

Get to this link:

"<"SplashScreenFadeInTime" value="2.000000" />"

Change the Value "2" to "0"

Also find this line:

"<"SplashScreenFadeOutTime" value="5.000000" />"

Change the Value "5" to "0"

(You can edit the file with Notepad. Right-Click>Open With>Notepad)
When this is done, save it, restart Age of Conan and play.

(Taken from Faceless forum, which is taken from some other forum as well Smile )
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