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 UI Modifications:

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UI Modifications: Empty
PostSubject: UI Modifications:   UI Modifications: EmptySat May 31, 2008 10:32 am

Down below you can check a few unofficial UI Mods:

Mirage UI (Created and maintained by Eduardo "LedMirage" Lucero )

Screen: http://i.data.bg/08/05/25/970849_orig.jpg


WerikUI - Age of Conan GUI modification (by Werik)

Screen: http://i.data.bg/08/05/25/970863_orig.jpg


Phalanx, an ornate UI modification (by Brena)

Screen: http://i.data.bg/08/05/28/975033_orig.jpg


Smaller On-Screen Message (version 1.0.2) (by Viper of SUN)

Screen: http://i.data.bg/08/05/25/970885_orig.jpg


Custom UI - Version Updater (by solariz)

    * A very useful too which automatically updates your add-ons after the new official patch without needing to wait for the new UI Mods versions that you are using.

    *Requires installed Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5


Direct links to few other Mods:

Thanks to Plex
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UI Modifications:
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