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 Server Merge FAQ

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PostSubject: Server Merge FAQ   Server Merge FAQ EmptyTue Dec 02, 2008 5:30 pm

This FAQ should answer most of the questions on the topic of the planned server merges. As soon as additional information will be available, we will add it to this FAQ.

When will the server merges happen?

We will start merging the first servers in the first week of December.

Will all servers be merged at the same time?

No. We will do this over a certain period of time to ensure everything will run smoothly. Which merges will be happening at what time will be communicated some days ahead of course.

Which servers will be merged?

The final list of servers that will be merged will be available very soon. As of now, we will merge the two US servers ‘Bloodspire’ and ‘Hyperborea’ in the first week of December.

Also after all the merges are complete we will be opening up new ‘fresh start’ servers in both the US and EU territories. One each for PVE and PVP rulesets. Transfer will not be allowed to these servers after the merges. These new servers are designed to allow players to start afresh in a totally new environment should they wish to do so and forge a new community instead of joining one of the newly merged ones.

What happens if several characters with the same name end up on the same server?

This depends on the following aspects and rules:

* Is the character on a still active account?
* If several characters of the same name are all from active accounts, the one with the higher level will keep his name.
* If merged characters have the same level, the one from an account which is registered on a longer time base will keep the name (so 3 month recurring over 1 month recurring).
* If characters are from accounts with the same subscription recurring time, the last login will decide which one keeps the name.

The other(s) will be prompted a message at the first attempt to log in with that character stating that a new name must be given to this character.

What happens if two guilds with the same name end up on the same server?

The server of origin will be added to the guild name so all guilds will keep their name but with the name of the server they originated from. A guild has of course the possibility to get their guild name changed again by sending an in-game petition.

What is happening with guild cities when guilds are moved to another server?

Guild cities will be moved to the same playfield and spot they have been before. When necessary a new instance will be created. So every merged guild will have access to the same guild city on the new server.

And what will happen with guild battlekeeps?

Since build spots for battlekeeps are limited on each server, all build spots will be cleared and guilds will be reimbursed the resources for their battlekeep. This is to make sure that the guild get the needed resources again and every guild gets the same chance. Detailed information about how guild leaders need to request the resource reimbursement will follow soon.

Will there be a possibility to transfer single characters to another server?

Yes. The option to transfer characters to another server will be available after all server merges have been completed. Every character will be eligible for one free transfer and this offer will be valid for one month after the final server merges have been completed. This transfer will be free of charge and can be used once per character and will be available from your billing pages.

Can a character be transferred from one server ruleset to another (e.g. from a PvE server to a PvP server)?

Yes, that will be possible.

Can a character be transferred from one language server to another (e.g. from a German server to a Spanish server)?

Yes, this will also be possible.

Can a character be transferred from an US server to an EU server or vice versa?

No, characters will only be able to be transferred to another server in the same territory (US or EU).

Will it be possible for whole guilds to be transferred to another server after the merge including taking with them their guild city and/or guild battlekeep?

No. Every member of a guild will have to be moved to a new server with the single character transfer option described above. Guild cities and battlekeeps will only be moved or reimbursed with the server merges.

Will all the items and messages stored in the bank also be moved automatically to the new server?

Yes, all items and messages (including items attached to messages) will be moved.

Will also all characters of currently inactive accounts be moved with the merges?

Yes, all characters, active or inactive, will be moved.

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Server Merge FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Server Merge FAQ   Server Merge FAQ EmptyWed Dec 03, 2008 10:49 am

Thx for the inform. Very useful.
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Server Merge FAQ
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