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 Age of Conan Quick Start

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PostSubject: Age of Conan Quick Start   Age of Conan Quick Start EmptySat Jul 05, 2008 3:23 pm

Age of Conan Quick Start

Link for Download

What is Age of Conan Quick Start?
Age of Conan Quick Start is a tool to influence the Age of Conan startup. Age of Conan offers several command line switches normal users don't have access to. Using a little trick Age of Conan Quick Start puts you into a position to use any of the otherwise unusable command line switches. Age of Conan Quick Start doesn't modify or even read any processes, files or settings of Age of Conan so it is not banable. In fact several Funcom and Funcom related employees are currently using it.

Current features:
- skip all intro movies
- adjust Windows scheduler timer settings to improve framerates (FPS boost)
- delete local shader caches before startup
- adjust process priorities and enable dynamic thread boosts
- adjust Age of Conan's processor affinities
- turn "windowed mode" into a full screen windowed mode
- update all interface XMLs on startup and remove unneeded binary caches (BXML)
- allow the direct start of Age of Conan using "ageofconan.exe" without completely breaking the patcher
- define your own command line parameters

How do I use Age of Conan Quick Start?
After installing and configuring it just start Age of Conan as normal. You don't have to launch Age of Conan using a special launcher or anything else.

How does the trick work that is used by Age of Conan Quick Start?
Windows NT based systems offer the possibility to assign a debugger to any application you want. If you define such a debugger for an application whenever the given application is started, the debugger is started instead. Age of Conan Quick Start assigns kind of a mini debugger to the Age of Conan client. As soon as the ConanPatcher tries to start the Age of Conan client (ageofconan.exe) this mini debugger is launched instead. The mini debugger is able to modify the command line with which the Age of Conan client is started. You can find more information about the used technique here: http://blogs.msdn.com/junfeng/archive/2004/04/28/121871.aspx

How do I deactivate or remove Age of Conan Quick Start?
If you want to temporarily deactivate Age of Conan Quick Start just deactivate the "Enable Age of Conan Quick Start" checkbox within the Age of Conan Quick Start configuration tool. If you want to remove Age of Conan Quick Start entirely just use the uninstall shortcut in your start menu.

What operating systems are supported?
Age of Conan Quick Start is developed for and tested with the following operating system versions:

* Windows Vista x86 SP1 and above

* Windows Vista x64 SP1 and above

* Windows XP x86 SP2 and above

Other versions of Windows like Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP x64 might work as well but were not tested.
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Age of Conan Quick Start
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